First Consider Our EIRMC Values

At our hospital, we live and work by values called I am EIRMC. These values guide how we interact with patients, visitors and other colleagues.

I am EIRMC was created by hospital employees, and the promises they embody are important to all of us. We hope they resonate and align with your personal and professional values, too.

If so, we’d love to find out more about you! If you are chosen for an interview, you will likely be asked questions about these values.

If you have questions about these values and what they would mean to you as an EIRMC employee, please contact EIRMC’s HR department at (208) 529-6080 for clarification.

EIRMC’s Mission: To Improve The Lives of Those We Touch.

It is a special privilege to serve others as an EIRMC employee.


  • I will act like an owner.
  • I will pull my weight.
  • I will be fully accountable for everything I do and say.
  • The problem is mine until it is solved.
  • I will appropriately hold others accountable.


  • I will be open, honest and appropriate in all communications.
  • I will “take the mail” to the right address, not discussing it with everyone along the way.
  • I will follow through on commitments, large and small.
  • I will speak up, sharing my ideas and concerns.


  • I will anticipate the needs of those I serve.
  • I will crave both new knowledge and new experiences.
  • Every day, by delivering my very best, my work will make a difference.
  • When identifying a problem, I will also identify potential solutions.
  • I will constantly look for ways to turn “good enough” into “even better.”


  • I will bring a positive attitude to work.
  • I will be on time.
  • Patients and physicians are why I have a job. They are not inconveniences or distractions. I will make the time, and cheerfully spend it on them. I will consistently surprise them by exceeding their expectations.
  • I will show humility for the role I play in the lives of others.
  • All work has dignity. – I will appreciate and respect what each EIRMC employee does.
  • I will respect the ways others are different from me, knowing that from the richness of us all, we are unstoppable.
  • Everyone I come into contact with will know that I truly care.


  • I will build teamwork by being a good team member.
  • I will be loyal to our leaders and support their decisions.
  • Be an ambassador for EIRMC.


  • Humor and laughter – but never at another’s expense or discomfort – will be a daily part of my work.
  • I will greet, smile and welcome each person I encounter.
  • Not only will others see my smile, they will hear it in my voice.

I am EIRMC Test

Do you believe in, and are wiling to live by, the values of I am EIRMC?

These values are the backbone of who we are and how we treat each other and our patients. If you are uncomfortable committing to the I am EIRMC values, or do not believe you can abide by this values, then likely EIRMC is not the right fit for you.

We are always happy to clarify what these values mean; please contact our HR department at (208) 529-6080.