Your child seems ready for school. Let’s make sure you are, too. Here is a checklist of things that can help ensure you are prepared for that first day of class.  

Spring/early summer:

Registration is under way in Idaho Falls School District 91 and surrounding school districts for kiddos starting kindergarten in the fall (your child must turn 5 before September 1).  Register sooner rather than later to make sure you get information about kindergarten orientations planned at all D91’s schools the week of May 6. That way you also won’t miss out on any back-to-school information.

All you need to know about kindergarten registration is online, including the registration packet.  Of course, you can always pick up a hard copy at the school you are zoned to attend.  Not sure which school that is?  Check out our online boundary map, or use the “Find Your School” feature.

To register you will need:

  • Address Verification
  • Proof of Birth
  • Guardianship (if applicable)
  • Immunizations

Keep them engaged and learning. Check out things you can do to prepare at home.

Late summer/early fall:

Start talking to your children about school. Balance these conversations so there is space to talk about the positives of school, their worries and for you to provide reassurance. Open communication will ensure your child is more comfortable with the idea of starting school and talking to you about things as they come up.

Although it’s normal to be anxious in any new situation, a few kids develop real physical symptoms, such as headaches or stomach aches, associated with the start of school. If you’re concerned that your child’s worries go beyond normal back-to-school jitters, speak with your child’s doctor, teacher or school counselor.

Start thinking about and back-to-school shopping. Back-to-School supply lists are usually posted on school websites or available at stores around Idaho Falls. But, you will want to think about more than school supplies. What kind of backpack will be the safest and most comfortable for your child? Do they need a lunchbox? Does that lunchbox fit in their backpack? Shopping together can help your child get excited about school.

Ease into school night routine. Since summer is full of changing schedules it is important to slowly adjust to a school-specific routine. A few weeks before school starts, introduce a more consistent schedule, building time in the evening for reading and homework later on.  Establishing routine will ensure that your children are well rested and ready to learn by the time school begins.

Visit the school with your child., Attend Back-to-School nights before school starts. These are a great opportunity for your child to visit classrooms, try out the playground, see the cafeteria, bring supplies and meet teachers and school staff.

Practice the morning routine. As you get ready, talk to your child about his/her morning routine. If they’re riding the bus, walk with them to the bus stop and talk about pickup and drop off. If they will walk or bike to school, take the route together as a family.  If someone is going to drive them to school, talk about when they need to be ready.

Starting school is an exciting time, but it can also be filled with anxiety and questions. Use these tips to help you feel more prepared. If you still have questions, go to