Saturday was Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center's 29th Annual Heart and Health Fair. Hundreds of people went to get second opinions or attend the new seminars.

Everything at the fair was free, so many people took advantage of the health screenings available. Blood pressure, body fat analysis, cancer care -- there were many different stations you could visit.

The Andersons were one of the many couples who went and they went to almost every station and seminar. This was their first time at EIRMC's Heart and Health Fair. They go to their doctor regularly, but they really enjoyed the information they were able to get.

"We also wanted to get a separate opinion and this has been very good for that," Scott Anderson said. His wife, Chris, seconded his opinion, saying, "I have a lot of cancer in my family, and he answered so many questions that were so awesome. I feel -- I just feel relieved with the knowledge I know now. I can take it and proceed on with a positive attitude."

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