IDAHO FALLS, ID - October 20, 2015 - Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center earned national recognition for delivering exceptional care to patients who urgently needed blood flow restored to their heart muscles. This Idaho Falls hospital earned a Coronary Intervention Excellence Award(tm) and a five-star rating in coronary interventional procedures in the Healthgrades 2016 Report to the Nation.

An excellence award and five-star rating in the annual report indicates that clinical outcomes at hospitals recognized in the 2016 report are better than expected with regard to treating a condition or conducting the procedure being evaluated.

The Healthgrades 2016 Report to the Nation evaluates clinical performance at more than 4,500 short-term, acute care hospitals nationwide and assessed hospital performance relative to each of 33 common conditions and procedures. This year's statistics are based on Healthgrades analysis of approximately 40 million Medicare inpatient records for years 2012 through 2014 and represent three-year estimates for Medicare patients only.

The new report demonstrates how clinical performance continues to differ dramatically between hospitals both nationally and regionally. This variation in care has a significant impact on health outcomes. For example, from 2012 through 2014, if all hospitals as a group, performed similarly to hospitals receiving five stars as a group, on average 222,392 lives could potentially have been saved and 166,086 complications could potentially have been avoided. A five-star rating indicates that the hospital's clinical outcomes are statistically significantly better than expected when treating the condition or conducting the procedure being evaluated.

About Healthgrades

Healthgrades is the leading online resource helping consumers make informed decisions in order to find the right doctor, the right hospital, and the right care. Healthgrades recognizes a hospital's quality achievements for cohort-specific performance, specialty area performance, and overall clinical quality. Individual procedure or condition cohorts are designated as five star (statistically significantly better than expected), three star (not statistically different from expected), and one star (statistically significantly worse than expected) categories. The complete HEALTHGRADES 2016 REPORT TO THE NATION with detailed cohort-specific outcomes data, hospital-specific quality achievements, and detailed study methodology, can be found at and