Idaho Falls, Idaho — The lives of premature babies all over the nation have been saved by donor milk. Just one ounce can feed the tiniest premature babies for an entire day.

EIRMC is a depository which means they accept donated milk and send it off to be processed. This milk can help premature babies whose mothers who need more time to produce milk. Breast milk has the necessary nutrients that the babies won't be able to get from formula.

"It's a very fragile population with our NICU and it's made a huge difference with how the babies do. And a lot of times, especially our early babies, the moms struggle to be able to make a lot of milk and it kind of takes them a little while to get their milk supply to be abundant and we use that donor milk to help fill in that gap," says Misty Okada, Lactation Consultant

If you would like to donate, you can contact EIRMC's Lactation Department at 208-529-7171 to learn more about the donor process.

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