IDAHO FALLS, ID – Finding breast cancer just got easier, especially here in southeastern Idaho. EIRMC's imaging center is the first and only care provider in our region that is offering 3D Mammography.

Unlike the original 2D system, this 3D technology takes many images of the breast layer by layer, which in turn brings up the accuracy of finding cancers. EIRMC got 3D Mammography at the end of July and is now offering it to its patients.

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, but 3D Mammography will give quicker and better results for women in our community.

"It's very similar to what we've always done. We still get the traditional 2D images, but we also get 3D images. And what that is, it's additional information which allows the radiologist to look at the breast tissue in one-millimeter slices -- so we can see all the way through the breast," said Celia McKenzie, EIRMC Imaging Center Mammography supervisor.

Doctors say this mammography can find 41 percent more invasive breast cancers and can reduce false-positive diagnoses up to 40 percent. More accurate exams, better diagnosis, faster treatment -- this can prove all-around less stressful for women.

"This is a great step for women, as far as technology in mammography. Mammography has changed over the years, but this is a big change. This is giving the doctors so much more information than we've had in the past. We're able to find those cancers early, which makes treatment options so much better. And their cure rate is close to 100 percent if we catch it early," said McKenzie.

Under the Affordable Care Act, one annual screening each year for women over 40 years old is covered 100 percent by health insurance companies. In addition, there is no additional cost at EIRMC for using its 3D Mammography system.

The American College of Radiology suggests that women should have a mammogram each year, beginning at age 40.

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