Director of Quality, Risk, and Patient Safety

Julie Hogue, Director of Quality Management

Julie Hogue is the Director of Quality Management, Risk Management, and Patient Safety. In this role, Julie coordinates the Performance Improvement/Quality Improvement program within the hospital, facilitates the Medical Staff quality improvement process and oversees employees responsible for clinical database collection/reporting/presentations, infection control, the medical staff office, and national quality reporting initiatives including CMS, Joint Commission, Stroke, Trauma, and Cardiovascular Program accreditations. Julie also acts as the Administrative lead for the hospital’s emergency preparedness efforts.

Since she was a little girl, Julie has been passionate about healthcare, immersing herself in it from a young age. From helping her father at his dental office when she was young, to being a patient herself after a bicycle accident as a teenager, to dealing with tragedy involving a close friend during her college years, healthcare has been a constant in her life.

In 2004, Julie began her career at EIRMC working as a Registered Nurse in the Cardiac Unit. She enjoyed working as a bedside nurse and as a charge nurse for many years, and through that time she developed a passion for enhancing each patient’s experience during their hospital stay. She took the initiative to lead teams and coordinate projects with exactly this goal. This initiative led her into leadership roles on the Unit Practice Council of the Shared Governance Committee and as a House Supervisor, before taking on her current role in 2013. As the Director of Quality, Risk and Patient Safety, Julie remains an earnest advocate for patients and their positive experience while in our hospital.

Julie holds a Bachelors Degree of Nursing from Idaho State University and a Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration.

During her early college years, Julie met and fell in love with her husband, Byron who convinced her to move to Idaho. For Julie, a native of Tucson, Arizona – having never seen snow or known what cold really meant –this was a big adjustment. Over the last 18 years she has fallen in love with the area, though she says she is still adjusting to having four seasons (with snow during three of them). Julie and Byron have an older daughter and a set of twins, a boy and a girl, who add craziness and pure enjoyment to their lives.

Julie approaches everything with energy and enthusiasm, and loves her role as a patient advocate with the focus on quality and safety for every patient, every time. She is always looking for the next quality initiative that she can bring to the table, while consistently living the hospital’s mission every day…
“Improving the lives of those we touch.”