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Fighting Cancer

At EIRMC we use several types of treatments to fight cancer. The different courses of treatment recommended by your doctor(s) are a combination of “practice guidelines”– what the medical community accepts as the best tested standard of care – and doctor preference based on experience and training.

Because of the complexity of cancer, more than one type of treatment may be required to control or cure your cancer. Each treatment option has different benefits and side effects. On this page is a very brief overview of the treatments that may be considered for you, depending on the type of cancer you have and its stage of development in your body.

Radiation Therapy

Delivery of precise amounts of high-energy X-rays to the cancerous tumors and surrounding area. <more>


A prescription of one or more courses of drugs that in different combinations may kill cancer cells. <more>


Surgical removal of cancerous tumors as well as margins around the tumor to try to remove microscopic stray cancer cells. <more>


Otherwise known as seed implants, this is the practice of implanting radioactive seeds directly in and around a cancerous tumor. <more>

Hormone Therapy

A prescription of a course of specialized hormone suppressor agents that stop your own natural hormones. This is done if it's determined that your cancer is susceptible to growth from your natural hormones. Examples of this include estrogen-receptive breast cancer, and testosterone-receptive prostate cancer.

Vaccine or Biological Modifier Therapy

Researchers today are trying to find ways to trigger the body’s own defense system to cure itself of cancer. These therapies are in clinical trial in many locations, but are not yet standard in cancer care.