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Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center


EMS Conference 2017

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March 4, 2017
Hillcrest High School, Performing Arts Center
2800 Owen St., Ammon, ID 83404

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Time Event
7:00-8:00am Conference check-in and vendor fair
8:00-8:15am Welcome Address
8:15-9:15am General Session 1: When a Child Dies

Presenter: Aaron Gardner, M.D., Pediatric Intensivist
CEUs: Pediatric, Special Patient Populations

A practical discussion about one of the most challenging aspects of being an EMS provider--the death of a child. We'll acknowledge the strong emotional response, discuss the unique challenges faced by providers, and review practical ways to manage and recover from these tragic events

Time Event
9:15– 10:15am General Session 2: The 3 T’s of PTSD

Presenter: Bill Arsenault, Firefighter/Paramedic, EMS-I, EMTP-T; Idaho Falls Fire Dept.
CEUs: Special Patient Populations

At one time or another all EMS providers will experience PTSD. The best we can do is address it. This presentation will address the 3 T’s of PTSD and the best ways to tackle the stresses that all EMS providers face.

The 3 T’s of PTSD are:

  • Training- If we don't get training about PTSD, then how do we know when there is problem with ourselves or others? Training allows us to recognize the signs and symptoms, and then address them appropriately.
  • Trauma- Surviving the event and recognizing what traumatic mental, psychological and physical events can result in PTSD and how that manifests.
  • Talking- Learning to talk about it. Get it out. Helping yourself allows you to better help others.
Time Event
10:30– 11:30am General Session 3: The Primary Survey

Presenter: Michael Lemon, D.O., Trauma Surgeon
CEUs: Trauma, Assessment, Medical Conditions

The Primary Survey helps responders detect all immediate threats to life. Dr. Lemon explains why this tool is critical to the trauma patient and to communication with the ER.

Time Event
11:30-12:30pm General 4: Opiates and Other Current Drug Trends – Discussing the Elephant in the Room for First Responders

Presenter: Lt. Robert Rausch, Idaho State Police
CEUs: Pharmacology, Assessment, Special Patient Populations, Medical Conditions

Examine current drug usage trends affecting emergency healthcare providers and first responders of all types in Idaho and across the U.S. The presentation will provide examples of commonly encountered drugs and their observed physiological effects as well as the associated paraphernalia items commonly found with the ingestion of these substances.

Time Event
12:30-1:15pm Lunch Provided
1:15-2:05pm Breakout 1
2:15-3:05pm Breakout 2
3:15-4:05pm Breakout 3

Break-Outs (you can choose three)

Stop the Bleeding!

Presenter: Bill Arsenault, Firefighter/Paramedic, EMS-I, EMTP-T, Idaho Falls Fire Dept.
CEUs: Assessment; Medical Conditions; Trauma

This fun, yet informative short course provides the latest on pre-hospital hemorrhage control. With a small lecture and hands-on component of "simulation stimulation," you won't be disappointed!

Sepsis- Early Prehospital Recognition and Why It Matters

Presenter: Colleen Perkins, MS RN, CCRN-CSC
CEUs: Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Assessment, Medical Conditions

Sepsis kills more than 750, 000 people a year. Early recognition in the prehospital setting can make a significant difference in the outcome of septic patients. In this presentation, you will learn when to suspect sepsis, what to watch for, why patients present the way they do, and how to intervene. This is key to improving outcomes.

Understanding Kids

Presenter: Jim Jarvie, Air Methods
CEUs: Pediatric, Life Span Development, Assessment, Medical Conditions, Special Patient Populations

Part 1: Utilizing effective communication strategies and understanding age group characteristics

Part 2: Basic principles for assessment and effective treatment utilizing the pediatric assessment triangle- “How sick, how quick”

Mental Health? Now What Do I Do!?

Presenter: Rick Palmer, M.Ed., LPC- EIRMC Behavioral Health Center
CEUs: Assessment, Medical Conditions, Special Patient Populations

You roll onto the scene and realize your patient may have a mental illness. You think to yourself, “I didn’t sign up for this. Now what do I do?” This workshop will be part didactic and mostly interactive. We will discuss evaluation and response for a variety of possible mental health issues. Participants will leave with more clarity on what they can do to be helpful and become more confident in their ability to respond to those in crisis.

Holy Cow! Agricultural Injuries in Southern Idaho.

Presenter: Curtis Sandy, MD FACEP FAEMS
CEUs: Assessment, Medical Conditions, Trauma

The presentation will outline the common farm and ranching injuries from the Idaho Trauma Registry which occurred in Southern Idaho in 2014. The pathophysiology of these common injuries will also be discussed.

Rapid-Fire Patient History Exercise

Presenter: Lance Taysom, RN, BSN, EMT-P, CFRN, WEMT, and Cami Taysom, RN, BSN, CEN, CPEN
CEUs: Assessment, Medical Conditions, Shock and Resuscitation.

The Rapid-Fire Patient History Exercise is a lively, hands-on activity involving a mix of instructor guided and self-directed participation in mini scenario stations. Participants rotate through the stations, alternating being the "patient" and the "rescuer" as they are given a variety of skill-building patient assessment challenges. The focus is on the History portion of the Patient Assessment System. Participants will be introduced (or refreshed) on how to effectively use the SAMPLE and OPQRST acronyms, and use these information gathering tools to guide timely intervention and transport decisions

Pre-Hospital Assessment and Treatment of Stroke

Presenter: Chris Harker, M.D., D.A.B.R., Neuro and Interventional Radiologist
CEUs: Assessment, Medical Conditions

Learn what you should know about assessing potential stroke treatments and the current guidelines for workup and treatment of stroke.

Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Cardiologist and Patient Perspective

Presenter: John Lassetter, M.D., Cardiologist
CEUs: Assessment, Medical Conditions

Have you ever wondered what a patient is thinking or feeling while you are working to keep them alive? Listen as a patient who suffered out-of-hospital arrest shares his perspective on the experience.

Assessing the Respiratory Emergency

Presenter: Shawna Fielding, Registered Respiratory Therapist, Neonatal Respiratory Transport Therapist
CEUs: Airway Management; Assessment; Medical Conditions

Instruction will be given on how to recognize Respiratory Emergencies. In addition, there will be a small skills station with demonstration and practice in treating the various types of Respiratory Emergencies.