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Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center

What EIRMC Employees Say

I began my employment at EIRMC in June 2001. I had previously been working in an ER in Las Vegas. With each passing day here at the ER in EIRMC I became more and more awe struck. My co-workers were like family. Middle and upper management really cared for me. Since I'm also a writer, I wrote an editorial to a local paper. It wasn't accepted. I wrote again and again --six times total. I had to let the people of this community know of the gem they have here in their midst. EIRMC is a tremendous blessing for the entire area, and even better, a wondrous blessing for everyone who works within its walls.

- Rhett Wintch, RN, Emergency Department

 “As an employee I am grateful for the many opportunities and benefits EIRMC has offered. Not only are the patients treated with care and professionalism, so are the employees. Every day I feel appreciated by colleagues and supervisors, which is why I love my job."

- Paul Orr, Psych Tech, Behavioral Health Center, at EIRMC since 2015

I have always been very impressed by the teamwork here at EIRMC. Everyone is willing to pitch in to get the job done and to do it well. I value the high standards set forth by the EIRMC's leadership team and appreciate being held to those standards. Simply put, I am proud to be a pharmacist at EIRMC. I am constantly bragging to my family, friends, and colleagues about the outstanding people I have the opportunity to work with every day. I think the very low turn-over within the pharmacy department speaks volumes of the quality of people who call themselves 'I am EIRMC.'

- Eliza Borzadek, RN, PharMD

“I am proud to say 'I am EIRMC'! I have spent three years here, and I have loved it. No matter what specialty I work with, each person cares--about the patients and about each other. I also have enjoyed the huge support for education. There are many classes to take to continue learning as you work.

“I love working at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. I am challenged at work, I get opportunities for growth and development, and I learn from my colleagues. I have met some of my best friends here and when I have time off I am able to enjoy in minutes some of the best places to snowshoe and hike in Idaho.”

- Kathy, Medical Librarian, at EIRMC since 1997

I'm a CNA I've worked at EIRMC for a year now and I love my job I love that I have people I work with that are willing to help out, I also am happy that I moved to Idaho Falls to work at a great hospital.

- Florrita Palacios, CNA, Float Pool

EIRMC is family and community to me. For me it is all about the mission and the people I work with. There are always hassles, obstacles, and headaches in any work, but at EIRMC, the work place is a setting where I can join 1400 plus other people giving our best to help the people in our community and region get through really difficult events and situations. We are a committed group of people that care about other people enough to make that mission how we spend the majority of our days and lives. It is very powerful to me to get to work with kind, caring, compassionate, and hopeful people. It makes coming to work more like spending a day with family - people I really like, enjoy being near, and feel connected to in the shared objective.

- Rick Goodwin, Assistant Administrator, at EIRMC since 2002

I love to work at the BHC! We have positive, supportive and engaged leadership. I work with the Rec Therapy team, and they're one of the
reasons I enjoy my job. The Rec Therapists at the BHC are fun, they care about the patients, and the support each other. It's awesome to
work with such a positive and hard-working team. We enjoy each other, and we have a lot of fun, too!

- Kristen Sargis, Assistant Manager, Behavioral Health Center

I have worked here at EIRMC for nearly 15 years and it has been very memorable. The main thing that I enjoy is all the people I get to see
and talk with. I have many neat people during my time here and I look forward to meeting more.

- Matt Atkinson, Nutrition Services, at EIRMC since 2002

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