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EIRMC Turns 30!

Since the day EIRMC opened its doors on December 22, 1986, we’ve been working hard to serve the healthcare needs of people in our community each and every day. In fact, we now take care of over 500 patients on any given day. When you think about all the spouses, siblings, children, and neighbors that visit their loved ones here at EIRMC, we truly are serving thousands of people every single day. And what an honor that is! Like our CEO, Doug, often says, “we’re a bunch of friends and family taking care of friends and family.”


Keila Poulsen, Clinical Lab Surpervisor

Doug Crabtree, CEO

Shirley Weight, RN, NICU Nurse

Jerry Scheid, Founding EIRMC Board Member

Russ Rowberry, RN, Surgical Assistant

Steve Larsen, Founding EIRMC Board Member